Expert or Trolls.   What’s the difference?

I’ve learned it depends on whether or not said industry expert is affecting a company’s sales, it’s bottom line.  If not, you get to keep wearing the proud hat of industry expert.   But if your information, how you’re educating the market affects their sales negatively… well, you get the other hat, the dreaded TROLL hat.  Which hat you wear comes down to profits.

I’ve learned that some companies are so threatened by Industry Experts that they’ve deemed “trolls,” that they threaten said trolls with cease and desist letters. Even when we’re honestly presenting the truth in such a way that people see how bad the system really is.

Case in point: No one would knowingly feed garbage to their family. Not if they could do something about it. No one would provide a low quality supplement to their pets if they knew what cheap fillers look like on a label.  But educating the consumer about what that garbage looks like? Now we got accused of being trolls, “concerned trolls,” but still trolls.

You’re right. I am concerned. I am very concerned because what’s being perpetrated as “healthy“ isn’t healthy. If you insist on calling me a troll – do what you need to.

And if the head of said company sells out his share to a national conglomerate and I mistakenly call the sell out company M when the company is actually N, sure, you can threaten me with a cease-and-desist. Because you’ve deemed me a troll, I must have more reach than you’d like because here I am, being treated by you,  for a little typo.

Threaten away.

Are you threatening me because I’m telling people accidentally the wrong multinational conglomerate? Or are you threatening me because the fact of the sellout actually has affected your sales? Maybe you should’ve bought out your partner instead of allowing him to sell out to an international conglomerate with a reputation of putting profits before consumers. Regardless, you sold out to someone who doesn’t have the ethics of the original owners. I look forward to receiving your cease-and-desist letter.

Here’s a little bit more food for thought though: you could spend the effort and the money to have your attorney write me a cease and desist letter.


How about you spend that effort and money on improving the quality of your product and buy your shares back from the international conglomerate? Then I’d be happy to support your company. Of course, this would mean you would need to come into my office and apologize for threatening me with a cease and desist letter. But I understand business. You can make an apology. I can forgive.

And you can prove that a portion of your shares are not owned by N the international conglomerate. That’s news I’d LOVE to share. Everywhere. A pet food company that continues to put pet’s health first.

Little old me. One small concerned troll in the cog of helping pet owners see the garbage that’s being put forth for their animals. By the way, here’s a great link to a list of foods we concerned trolls support.

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