Healthy PAWSibilities offers conscious pet owners an alternative health option for optimal health, vitality and longevity for their pets. A trip to see Dr. Cathy gives pets similar alternatives to what you may give yourself for preventative care or maintenance: massages, pain maintenance, daily exercise, Chiropractic care, a trip to the personal trainer or nutritionist.

Most pet parents originally schedule a visit to Healthy PAWSibilities because they are constantly taking care of the same health issue with their pet and it’s not getting better. They’re looking for solutions and alternatives, maybe even holistic alternatives that are more aligned with how they approach their own health. Some, come regularly… for herbal therapy and for bodywork.

Which pets need bodywork? Short answer: All of them! The reason: They all move in gravity. They all miss jumps, fall off the couch, T-bone each other in playtime, zig when we should have zagged. While body work is incredibly effective for pets experiencing lameness, that is just one extreme example of how bodywork can impact a pet.

Many humans go to the massage therapist on a regular basis because it helps their body work well. The same absolutely applies for our pets. From a quarterly tuneup to every three weeks, different pets have different needs, just like people.

Office visits also allow the outside eyes (of a retired veterinarian) to see subtleties owners cannot because you see them every day.

Call today to schedule your in office visit.

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