If “holistic health” and “alternative medicine” is how you navigate your own health and lifestyle, and you want your pet’s healthcare to follow suit, Healthy PAWsibilities is the place for you. We provide only alternative health options designed to help your pet live healthier, longer and with a better quality of life. These effective options — offered by a retired veterinarian and certified in K9 fitness — include herbal supplements, homeopathic, dietary recommendations and body work.

While we are often referred to as the “Last Chance ‘Hospital’” for pets with scary health problems, and are committed to your pet living his or her best life DESPITE diagnosis, our goal is prevention through great diet (feeding our pets is 80% of what we do for them) and flowing body movement. Then, as issues arise, they often resolve quickly through natural methods.

Pet owners new to alternative pet healthcare are sometimes surprised to learn that “alternative” and “holistic” options are neither faster nor easier than conventional medicine; but equally — and in some cases, more — effective. The alternative healthcare system provides not only symptom relieve but — most importantly — addresses the underlying causes of symptoms for long term benefits and ultimate health.

About Your Pet

If you’ve found Dr. Cathy, chances are one or more of the following apply to you and or your pet:

about your pet dr cathy alinovi veterinarian clearwater florida

  • Your pet’s symptoms wax and wane; and just when you think the situation has been resolved, it flares up again.
  • You are hearing conflicting information everywhere… on issues that are important to you, like how to better nourish your pet at home, which vaccines are beneficial, and which do more harm than good. You’re looking for a voice you can trust.
  • Conventional treatments are failing your pet… costing you tons of time and money and showing little to no change or positive impact.
  • You may ascribe to a more alternative approach to your own health… and are looking for similar options for your favorite (and furriest) companion.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. Hang around. Search your “issue” or symptoms on our blog. Or contact our office to schedule an in office visit or virtual consultation

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