What is the Healthy PAWSibilities membership?

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It’s an opportunity to have ongoing access to your personal (retired) holistic veterinarian.

  • Perfect for those moments when you’re not sure which course of action to take with your local veterinarian…
  • Perfect for those questions you have ALREADY asked “Dr. Google,” but would prefer a more nuanced — and personal — answer for, without having to schedule — and pay for — a visit to your own veterinarian…
  • Perfect for those nagging symptoms that aren’t responding to traditional veterinary treatments..
  • Perfect for those moments when you’re wondering, “Should I take my pet into the veterinarian’s office, or wait it out?”

Even when I was licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Indiana, I treated 80% of what walked through my doors with nutrition, herbs and other holistic modalities. In other words, I am a veterinary doctor, but lean towards treatment modalities that require no veterinary license…. allowing me the freedom to serve as a “health coach” of sorts, but for your pet.

Enter The Healthy PAWSibilities Membership, which allows me to do just that.

The benefits for Healthy PAWSibilities membership include:












The benefits of membership will continue to expand as membership expands, but imagine the peace of mind you’d have having access to a veterinarian who can answer your nagging — and pressing — questions as they come up, without having to lug your pet (and possibly your kids) to the veterinarians office. A veterinarian – on – call, so to speak. Would that be worth $25? How much would it save you in emergency visits to your veterinarian?

To join Healthy PAWSibilities membership, you’d pay ONLY $25.00 per month…. regardless of how many pets you have in your family! For inaugural members, we’re waiving the $97 enrollment fee which will allow us to update OUR system with YOUR pet’s medical records.

You’d be charged every month, but you can opt out of membership at any time.

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