Phone Consultation

Does your pet have a health problem or annoyance that has simply persisted and persisted — regardless of what you’ve tried?

Have you been told there’s “nothing” or “nothing else” your vet can do, and you’re looking for a holistic option?

Or maybe a particular surgery or course of action has been suggested, but you’re not sure it’s the right route to go and you’d like a second opinion?

Dr. Cathy Alinovi, America’s Favorite (now retired) Vet, is not only a veterinarian, but she’s one of the few in the country that has always relied on alternative health treatments for your best friend. Even when in private practice, licensed to utilized ALL health modalities including surgery and prescriptions, she cured 80% of what walked — or limped — into her clinic with NUTRITION and other holistic modalities. Her phone consultations have been proven to save her virtual clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary veterinary expenses and — most importantly — restore health and vitality to their pets.

Prior to meeting with you via phone or Skype (allowing Dr. Cathy to put her eyes on your pet), the veterinarian has already done a lot of prep work… reviewing your pet’s health record and the answers to your questionnaire. For this reason, it’s often quite helpful to have records emailed to her beforehand so she has as much information as possible going into your live consultation. A payment method is required before a consultation will be set up.

After your initial phone consult with Dr. Cathy, a course of action will be suggested and you’ll follow up regularly with the veterinarian as you enjoy one full month of ongoing — private — access to her through her Healthy PAWSibilities membership. This will ensure that she can follow YOUR pet’s progress and make additional tweaks to your health plan as necessary.

Should you need more details about our phone consultations, simple email us at or call our office at (727) 510-3665. If you’re ready to schedule a phone appointment to discuss your pet, click on the Buy Now link below or contact our office at (727) 510-3665.

By using the Buy Now Link you can conveniently use your credit card or Pay Pal account to purchase your consultation time. After we have been notified that your $195 payment has been received (usually within 1 business day), we will contact you via email to set up your phone consultation appointment. We are dedicated to giving your pet the healthiest future we can – let’s work together and see what we can do!

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