What IS a natural pet health advisor?

In my case, as the owner and operator of Healthy PAWSibilities in Clearwater, Florida… I’m a:

  • Retired, seasoned and unlicensed Veterinarian;
  • Passionate proponent of non-invasive, natural treatments for common pet health issues;
  • Best-selling author of a cookbook for pet food;
  • Founder of the only association for pet food manufacturers proudly producing nutritionally defensible pet food options for discerning pet parents;
  • All around animal lover!!

I am no longer licensed to practice “veterinary medicine”  in any state and I never pretend to be. When I was licensed (at one time in five states) as a practicing Veterinarian, I treated 80% of what walked through my doors with nutrition rather than surgery or prescriptions anyway.  So, when my character was challenged by a witch-hunt begun by a disgruntled employee, I had two choices:

  • Jump through the licensing board’s hoops and KEEP my license;


  • Walk away from it all… and start again, but this time… ONLY providing services that do not require a veterinary license.

I chose the latter.

NOW, at the helm of Healthy PAWSibilities, serving as what amounts to a health “coach” for pets, I can not — and do not — prescribe medications or perform surgeries,

and I don’t want to.

I enjoy no longer being tethered to a licensing board that would have me vaccinating a 20-year old cat despite blood tests proving she’s already immune. I enjoy the freedom to put a pet’s health FIRST.  I love my clients. I do no harm. I advocate for basic health tenets like proper, whole nutrition, herbal remedies, and other “natural” options.

So, I’m always surprised to learn that other licensed Veterinarians in my area are talking badly about me.  Before I came on the scene, weren’t these same doctors complaining that their patients were consulting “Dr. Google” for health concerns?  At least DOCTOR Cathy has

  • 4 years of veterinary school;
  • 2 additional years of school and training for a Master’s Degree in Public Health and Epidemiolgy
  • 22 years of veterinary experience
  • Numerous certifications including, but not limited to…
    • Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy
    • Advanced Neurology;
    • Applied Kinesiology,
    • Aromatherapy;
    • Tui-na (Chinese massage therapy)
    • Acupuncture;
    • Chinese Herbal medicine; and
    • Chinese Veterinary Medical Practitioner.

Ooops. I guess I get it.

They can immediately dismiss Dr. Google’s suggestion, quickly and obviously.  But it gets harder to dismiss information from a seasoned Veterinarian with the same (or more) training and experience as they have.  So they go after my character…

—  as if I’ve been hiding the fact that I’m no longer a licensed Veterinarian in my new state,

— as if I couldn’t have maintained my licenses in the five states I once owned practices in by jumping through their hoops,

— as if I am somehow a dangerous opinion.

Dangerous to what… their bottom line?  Maybe.  In the end, I’m a VERY experienced health coach for pets,

and I LOVE what I do.

If you are looking for more holistic, natural options for your pet’s health, I encourage you to message me.  You can join my membership and have a “Veterinarian in your back pocket” for $25 / month.

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