Often times, I’m asked how I help pets via tele-health visits with their parents.

Admittedly, I had my own doubts going into this brave new world of veterinary health options.  When I first began doing this work (with a cat in Thailand, I believe!) I was tentative.  But armed with that cat’s veterinary health records, I was able to work with his owners the same way I would a friend, if her pet was struggling with a health challenge that her local veterinarian couldn’t fix.

Today, tele-health is far more common for people and animals, but I do not replace a local veterinarian for my clients, so i’m asked regularly,  “how do my visits work?”

First things first, everyone comes to me with a unique animal and a unique set of circumstances, symptoms, concerns and desires.  Some are coming because they have received a terrifying diagnosis and being holistically minded about their own health, they’re seeking to explore the same for their pet.  Others come to me because they are frustrated.  In these cases, their pet is suffering, typically with a skin disorder or digestion issues.  Their local veterinarian has tried many things, but the rash or itchiness or stomach upset has persisted. They’re at the end of their rope, so to speak, or maybe at the end of their budget and they just need someone to give them alternative solutions.

In the past month or so, I’ve scheduled virtual visits regarding skin rashes, heart diagnosis, digestive issues, persistent itchiness and / or licking, and limping that a veterinarian thought required surgery.

In each I was able to relieve the stress of the pet parent, empower them with effective options that would likely have a very good effect on their pet and answer questions that were keeping them up at night.  (What all of my clients have in common is that they truly desire to “do RIGHT” by their furry friends!)  In every conversation, i look at the food your pet is eating.  After all, feeding your pet is what you do EVERY day that brings them closer to great health or… pushes them further into illness.

If you have a pet question, a recurring issue, a scary diagnosis that you’d like to go over with a retired veterinarian who can go over all the options with you, don’t hesitate to schedule a consult.

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