Well, I’m a food hound, lab, Shepherd, mix. I heard my mom say she did some kind of a genetic test and some thing about a Shar-Pei. I don’t know. She calls me a smooshy face dog – as if that explains it all. I don’t think my genetics matter. I’m a dog. Through and through. And I love food.  

I hear about some of those little dogs who don’t like food. They are weird. IMO, That’s not really dog behavior – being picky. There’s been so much human intervention in there, those little things don’t even know what food is. I am digressing. 

Food.  I love it all 

And now that I’ve reached that “certain age” I can tell the difference between good food and bad food because I feel different. There are foods that make me feel good; foods that make almost all of us dogs feel good. 

This goat milk thing. I don’t know what it is about that stuff! It rocks my world! It soothes my stomach when I’m feeling pukey (is that a word? I don’t know – but we dogs say “pukey”.) Goat milk calms my diarrhea when I eat some thing in the park I shouldn’t have. It loosens up my constipation when I steal the hunk of cheese off the counter. Or the loaf of bread. 

Now, I realize I am repeating what I’ve heard, so maybe this is gossip, but, I’ve heard goat milk is great for pancreatitis, helps to create a ketogenic environment for cancer patients, I’ve even heard something about a detox. I’m not really sure what a detox is. I know sometimes my mom puts my feet in a water bath with some little machine in it and it turns the water funky colors. She calls that a detox. But then she sometimes has me do a 3 or 10 day cleanse. This is what she’s calling a detox. For the most part I like my cleanse. I have to pee a lot. My poop is pretty small. I’m full. Because she gives me enough calories to eat. And honestly at the end of the 10 days, I feel like the cooties in my body are flushed out. (sometimes she even does the cleanse with me!)

I heard her say some thing about the Weston A Price foundation when people ask questions about it for themselves. And, my mom likes to brag that she raised our two cats from infancy on raw fermented goat milk. Only.

Whatever, as I said, I am a food hound. I love food. But I really really love goat milk. And if all of my meals have goat milk, then I feel like I’ve got my multivitamin, probiotic, and digestive enzyme all in one. I love this stuff! I hope the rest of my dog friends have as much success with goat milk as I have. 

Oh. And before I forget. Although I can’t read, I have heard that if you look at the label of the raw goat milk container, it tells you right there that it’s 90% water, 3 to 5% fat and 3 to 5% protein. I’ve heard some people admonish that it’s high fat. I don’t see how 3% is high; certainly, that’s less than any of those prescription foods that have powdered cellulose in them, which I’ve heard is actually  sawdust, but I’m digressing again.


As I was saying

I may be a grumpy old man, but I love goat milk! 


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