Gunny here…  Finally the weather is  getting a little colder so my fur is coming in handy!!  Winter is my  favorite season of all time and I’ve been told by my Mom that we may even get some snow this year. I hope so!

As we’re all getting into the holiday spirit, I decided to make a list of small things that pet parents can do to love on us pets.  I came up with twelve simple things that make us pets feel so loved, and also keep us healthy and happy well into “old age,” which — at nearly 12 years old — is supposedly where I am. (Can you BELIEVE the vet called me “geriatric” recently?   I nearly growled at him.

Anyway, I’ve been posting little suggestions over on Dr. Cathy’s Facebook page, which you can find here.  Today we’re on day EIGHT of the twelve days of Christmas. You can find the first 7 here. Here’s a sneak peak:

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