You aren’t the only one! Many other pet owners have discovered the same thing as you. For some reason, temperature and humidity was not right this summer in many parts of the United States until the last month or so.

Certainly, the summer’s weather was not typical!

So magically, now that the weather is turning colder, and the moisture (rain and snow) is continuing to flow, the fleas have decided they better work hard and get in the house if they are going to have a good winter. So for many people who have not had fleas on any of their animals all summer long, all of a sudden fleas have gone crazy. Pets are covered in fleas! And fleas are in the house. Because we are keeping our houses warmer and drier than the outside, fleas are comfortable and breeding away in our furniture and our pets’ bedding.

And our pets are scratching!

Regardless of how you fight fleas, with diatomaceous earth, or pharmaceuticals, the trick to getting rid of the fleas now is sticking with it. Once the fleas are in the house, because we keep our temperatures around 70°, fleas are happiest – hatching a new batch every 2-3 weeks. So even though chemicals say they last a month, most products fail 2 to 3 weeks after application due to overwhelming environmental load. Which means for many pet owners, trying to prevent flea infestations in their homes, the chemicals will have to be reapplied sooner. This brings about health concerns that must be offset with the health issue imposed by fleas. For those using more natural flea control methods, the products will need to be applied quite frequently, often every couple of days. Regardless of how you kill fleas,

stick with it,

making sure your last flea preventative is given after the first hard frost, and you will keep these nasty critters from making your home theirs this winter.

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