Second opinions in people medicine are common. And smart.

The same is true for veterinary medicine. In fact, even though I see patients in person as a veterinarian near Lafayette, Indiana an increasing number of my patients are virtual… pet parents seeking a second opinion or alternative treatment for their pet.

So, when SHOULD you seek a second opinion and why? Here are some common situations in which a second opinion should be considered:

You are being told there is ONLY ONE treatment for this problem or NO treatment for this problem. Schedule a second opinion.

Your veterinarian hasn’t given you a clear option to resolve the issue. Sometimes a second pair of eyes makes things clear. Your veterinarian can be doing everything right — and a second pair of eyes just sees something new, different, or differently. If you don’t have a very clear path to resolve whatever it is you’re concerned about, don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion.

Your furry friend has just been diagnosed with cancer. Just like with people cancers, your pet can benefit dramatically from more holistic approaches other than — or in addition to — chemo, radiation, and surgery. Schedule a consult with a holistic or integrative veterinarian.

Your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes. Your dog still has options. The only treatment for diabetes in a dog is not just prescription diet food and insulin shots. There are solutions that help all that work better — including acupuncture, raw diet, herbs that can really help. Get a second opinion.

In the end, if you wouldn’t accept the same diagnosis or course of action for yourself or your two legged children, don’t accept it on behalf of your pet

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