Gunny here. Where’ve you been?

It’s been a few months since I’ve been to the dog park. So I haven’t had a lot to say, not a lot to share. No worries, nothing’s going on – I just haven’t gone to the dog park lately. Had other things on my doggy plate.

My mom‘s been busy. She’s helping pet parents feed their grumpy old dogs like me well.

I guess they aren’t all grumpy. Maybe that’s just me.

She’s even taking care of some cats she said were super sweet. I would’ve like to taste that super sweet cat! Oh wait. She tells me that’s not good for business.

That’s why I stay home. So it’s been kind of quiet around here. Sorry for not giving a lot of blog posts. But I’ve actually been fairly content in my grumpiness.

I did just go to the park yesterday. There’s this one dog at the park, she’s the one who only passes on bad news. You know the kind, doesn’t tell you anything good and really emphasizes the bad to make it sound worse?

Well, because we weren’t at the park for the last couple of months she’s been telling everyone that we’re not gonna be around much longer. If I didn’t know better I’d think she was a cat – talk about catty behavior!

So just in case you hear otherwise, my mom and I aren’t going anywhere. She’s still gonna be taking care of your pets. And I’m still gonna be giving feedback – either on quirky human behavior or stupid “health care” perspectives as only a grumpy old dog can do.

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