It’s an interesting debate. After all, where do all the awesome apple varieties come from? They are genetically engineered. (When I lived in Turkey, I asked my friend what kind of apple it was. She looked at my funny and said “red.” Not every country is blessed with the great varieties we have.) So are drought-resistant crops. (Fortunate for Ethiopia – may they continue to grow enough food to feed their people.) The controversy, in my mind, comes from the way GMO corn and soy are grown – in Roundup saturated soil. Roundup is used to kill weeds, saving time for the farmer. Mounting evidence suggests that Roundup may not be as harmless as we’ve been told for the last few decades – it may be linked to cancer, rather than breaking down into harmless by-products. Statistics show our pets are getting more cancers and dying younger, so why would we subject them to more risks? The other part of the debate that bothers me has to do with the sales tactics – no other product can be used, no product can be saved back. But, that’s a political argument for another day, over a glass of wine.

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