It’s a form of energy therapy formalized in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui. Since 1922, his original 2000 students-turned-Reiki Masters have taught other practitioners all around the world in Usui’s energy healing methods.

Based on a centuries old method of directing cosmic Qi (energy) into healing touch, Usui’s followers use Reiki to improve the overall health of their subject. Gentle touch and intention, help the Reiki practitioner direct the subject’s vital force to parts of the body that need healing. Combining this touch with universal Qi, can be quite therapeutic for some.

Consider the case of Duke – a 12-year-old Papillion with neck pain due to a presumed bulging disc. Between Dukes’s personality and his pain, he is the sort of dog who will not allow much physical touch. This makes chiropractic and acupuncture almost impossible to administer to Duke – he screams simply in anticipation of touch. Gentle healing touch, Reiki, is an alternative to help Duke on his path to healing. The Reiki practitioner need not touch Duke; building up to the time when Duke allows it, then gently lay the hands on the neck and shoulders directing healing energy and thoughts to his neck. In this way, Duke can have the benefit of all forms of healing – pain medication from his conventional veterinarian, and energy healing from his Reiki practitioner.

Another technique Reiki practitioners use is chakra balancing. According to chakra theory, the body has seven basic chakras (although, advanced chakra practitioners understand there are many more levels of chakra energy). If there is too little energy in one chakra, it may signal an area of weakened immune system. An example would be low energy at the throat and solar plexus chakras. If the imbalance is allowed to persist, the possibility exists of the patient developing a sore throat and a chest cold. Chakra balancing aims to restore health through balance. This is another aspect of Reiki therapy.

Combined with other alternative therapies, Reiki enhances the therapeutic intention of chiropractic, massage, acupressure, and many other wonderful, modalities.

Wondering when to try Reiki for your pet? Below are a few suggestions:

  • Relieve stress – after holiday visitors leave.
  • Help movement of energy and body – stiff achy joints.
  • Speed healing – after a dental or surgery.
  • Cleanse toxins – maybe after vaccines or flea treatment.

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