Whatever is the least you need to do to control fleas. Don’t you hate that I don’t have one pat answer? Problem is, different households have different issues. Some homes have used the same flea preventative for years and it’s not working anymore. Some homes can’t get ahead of the fleas once they move in. So, here are some thoughts:

If you have a low flea problem, an essential oil based spray can work well. Make sure it is labeled for cats if you are protecting your cats.

If your flea issue is moderate, you might consider a topical or chewable product that is to be used monthly. Please get it from a reliable source, your veterinarian would be great. Why? If there is a problem, your veterinarian will be more than happy to help you through proper resolution of the issue.

If fleas are taking over your home – serious measures are needed. In my neck of the woods, last year was terrible. I had pet parents who vacuumed daily, took the bag outside in the trash immediately, kept the bedding clean and properly used flea meds and still had problems. These poor families were using some kind of anti-flea medication every 2 weeks!! This is drastic, and these are chemicals. However, fleas can make some pets so anemic (low red blood cells) that the pets die – several cats passed away last year because their fleas were out of control.

So, less is more, do what you have to in order to keep up, and remember anyone can have a reaction to anything – the “safe” products are safe for most, one or two pets have problems, and a different product may be fine – this includes the “all-natural” products. More questions, see my FAQs.

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