Today, the FDA announced immediate withdrawal of ranitidine, an antacid, from the market.

The press release discusses buildup over time of a known cancer causing impurity, NDMA(N-nitrosodimethylamine), in the antacid.

But what about our pets?

For decades, veterinarians have prescribed antacids for pets with undiagnosed vomiting, those taking steroids, pancreatitis, and many other conditions. Decades.

NMDA causes liver damage and cancer! In laboratory animals and humans! There is absolutely no reason to think it won’t do the same in domestic dogs and cats taking the poison. I mean drug.

Yet there is no mention of animals in the press release!

How many countless dogs and cats with undiagnosed liver disease and/or liver cancer have had their illness happen due to wanton use of this drug in pets?

If you use ranitidine (sold as Zantac) in your pets please stop immediately!

If you use other types of antacids, ask yourself if they really are safer or if the cancer causing impurities just haven’t been figured out in those drugs yet?

And, if you are curious about the rest of the side effects with antacids, consider this post.

I hope the lawyers for the class action lawsuit reach out to every pet owner in America.

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