It’s funny, you humans see how things work for yourselves but then you have different expectations for us, your pets… but we’re mammals just like you! 

I have three examples to prove my point: toenails, teeth, skin.

Let’s talk about clipping your nails for example. These days, many humans go to the nail salon and have their nails done. Women get those really pretty fancy nails that sometimes poke me in the eye. Many of them get a fill within 1 to 2 weeks – I’ve been watching and listening. This must mean that their nails are growing in that period of time. And how about getting their toes done? Every 2 to 4 weeks toenails are too long to fit into those things humans call shoes.

So why would it be any different for us dogs? So why would humans think that our toenails only need to be clipped twice a year? Long nails put strain on our toes and feet, so when you get your monthly pedicure… consider it a reminder that we need our toe nails clipped.  (Even if we act like we don’t like it, we DO appreciate it afterwards!) 

How about getting your teeth cleaned? Most humans, except for those who are terrified of the dentist, sit in the dental chair twice a year and have their teeth cleaned. Voluntarily. (I was trained as a service dog – I’ve been with my person to the dentist.) They sit there with their mouth open and let some stranger dig around, clean, polish, that sort of thing, for good healthy teeth. Why would you think that it would be any different for any other mammal?

Just like you, every 3 to 6 months, we all get some tartar buildup on our teeth. So could you imagine if dogs and cats could sit calmly to get their tooth cleaned just like people do? It’s possible! I don’t love it, but I tolerate it. I think I heard it being called non-anesthesia dentistry.

For some reason — and it comes down to money —  humans are told that dogs must be put under anesthesia in order to have their teeth cleaned.  Why?  It makes pet doctors more money.  

Do you really want to put us dogs and cats under anesthesia for routine tooth care if you don’t have to? I know I don’t wanna go under anesthesia if I don’t have to. So next time someone says “it’s different”, ask “why.”  (Also, my human wrote an article here about how to clean my dog’s teeth at home. Please check it out.

Here’s something else that’s more similar between species then we’ve been told: Bathing!!  Humans take a bath when they are dirty. That’s when dogs should take baths too. But some people are just terrified about giving their dog a bath “too often” because it might dry out their dog’s skin. Well isn’t that the same for as what you people do? 

And then, oh my goodness, you can’t possibly use a human product on a dog. Of course, I’m not talking about those crazy medicated shampoos. I just mean a regular shampoo. There is some idea that our pH is different. Really? Who said? Because I’m pretty sure we’re all mammals and we’re all supposed to have a body pH around 6 1/2 to 7.

So I would think that our skin and fur and hair are just about the same. Oh I know why it is. The dog shampoo companies won’t make any money selling their dog shampoo.

It’s very possible that I just got your hackles up. I’m that kind of dog. If I see something ridiculous, I’m gonna say something about it. And even if you don’t agree with everything I’ve said, you know I’m mostly right. Like about the toenail thing. And the dentistry thing. So don’t be so freaked out about the bath!

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