Gunny here. It was a beautiful weekend. I live a great house where I can look out the window and watch the traffic go by: foot traffic, car traffic – it’s all interesting and keeps my older mind occupied.

I noticed something new this weekend that had me a bit sad. This current “safer at home“ measure – while I get it, other people aren’t getting it!

What am I talking about? Explanation time:

One of the great things is that people are walking their dogs. for the most part, we canines are getting out little bit more often and getting some more exercise.

But I live in Florida. While the rest of the country is in early spring, our days are getting hot here. We have wonderful sun. I love to lay in the sun. But when I get hot, I can get up and go in the shade. Or go inside. (I have free access – my own personal revolving door.) What I saw this weekend had me really upset!

Some dog mom was walking her dog without the sense to protect her dog – my friend!

You see, it was hot Sunday. The sun was shining. Not a cloud in the sky. There weren’t even any of those long linear clouds that occur after an airplane flies overhead. In fact, it was so hot and sunny this lady was using an umbrella. I think humans call it a parasol when they’re using it to block the sun.

But she was also walking her dog on a long trail. Her dog = my friend. (We dogs are all friends) And it was so hot and my friend was seeking shade and the lady wouldn’t let her! Where was the common sense? We can’t carry umbrellas like the lady, we don’t have opposable thumbs!

My friend was so hot her tongue was hanging out looking like a soup ladle. Don’t people know that when our tongues are wider than our heads and hanging out halfway to the ground that we are overheated? It’s a sure sign that it’s time to get out of the sun.

I was really worried about my friend. We have to look out for each other. And if our people aren’t smart enough to look out for us then what do we do?

And like I said, it was hot Sunday. I stepped onto the pavement and stepped off super quick – I wasn’t going to burn my foot pads! This lady was walking my friend and wouldn’t let her dog walk in the shade, and forced her to walk on the hot pavement.

I hope the lady was having fun. My friend wasn’t.

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