Moving can be both exciting and stressful – new opportunities and many steps to complete lead to this mixed situation. Moving with pets can be an additional consideration. Because pets are part of the family, they are included in the move, not left behind. However, many pets will not understand the household upheaval. Fortunately, there are easy tips to help – from safety to soothing measures.

Safety is the most important first measure to provide for pets when moving. Moving means many open household doors. Therefore, keeping pets in their own room, an oversized crate or even boarding facility keeps them safe from escapes.

Even before many doors are opened, boxes are packed. For some pets, boxes are a sign of change and reason to worry. Calming music, lavender essential oil on a nearby blanket, and healthy food all help relax the nervous pet. As well, reassuring your pets that they are included in the move strengthens the human-animal bond, creating calmness.

Quick tips:

  • Do double check that boxes do not have extra passengers before sealing the contents.
  • If moving long-distance have potty stops planned. Bring a litter box and wrap in a plastic trash bag for cats.
  • Know what hotels/motels accept pets.
  • Bring an electronic copy of your pets records.
  • Bring necessary medications.
  • Use bottled water.

While moving can be a time of stress, moving also brings about future possibilities. Our pets can easily be part of our moves with a few, simple considerations, as mentioned above.

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