You would be amazed how much difference there is between all of us. Even colleagues who went to veterinary school together have very different styles of practice. These differences are due to three things-experience, interest, and personality.

Experience can mean not only specialized training but can also refer to the kind of cases we see. Sometimes it just means one veterinarian sees a lot of internal medicine cases while another sees surgery cases.

Interest refers to the veterinarian selecting to see specific cases. Personally, I chose to see alternative medicine cases, along with regular medicine. This means I can offer my clients different options; an orthopedic surgeon has yet other skills to offer.

Personality basically refers to bedside manner. We each have our style, no one is right or wrong – it’s simply a question of whether you click with your veterinarian. If you and your veterinarian are on the same wavelength then you will probably like his/her bedside manner.

When searching for a veterinarian, find one that supports your lifestyle and is able to provide the kind of medical care to your pets that you desire. If you are looking for a holistic practitioner, one great resource for finding an alternative veterinarian near you is

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