It’s a common question for all pet owners, regardless of whether they live in Clearwater or elsewhere: what’s the best way to treat ___fill in the blank___. It may also sound like: what’s the best medication for _____, what’s the best herbal medication for, _____ what’s the fastest way to _____, etc. etc.

Ironically, when people ask that question they are overlooking the biggest input to their pets’ health: food. If the biggest thing we do to our animals, ourselves for that matter, is feed them, then that is where the best medicine lies. It doesn’t matter how good the medicine is, if the building blocks to a healthy body aren’t present, no medicine will work as it was designed to do. Great food provides for those building blocks.

Certainly, we all have different ideas of what healthy food entails. Most of us can agree that prepackaged foods are less healthy than fresh foods.

Modern Society is well trained for convenience: convenient food, convenience pills, and we expect immediate results. One is suspicious whether convenience foods can provide for good healthy. Let’s consider the bigger picture.

In recent years, we have been told the best place to shop for health at the grocery store is around the edges-where they produce and meat sections are. (Unfortunately, the bakery is also on the outside of the store.) And where does conventional pet food lie? In the center of the grocery store.

These convenience foods, pet feeds, kibble, contain ingredients that are shelf stable for months to years. With this convenience comes costs – to health. Chronic disease, in humans and animals, is becoming more common by the day; that ill health is a great profit center for the medical (human and veterinary) community and the pharmaceutical industry.

If I attempted to answer your question of “what is the best medication for” ___any situation___ and didn’t start with telling you about the best food, then I’m doing a disservice to you and your pet. In my experience, Hippocrates was right – food is the best medicine. Feed real food for your pet’s best health – then consider adjunctive health support.


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