Latin Name: Citrus sinensis

Family: Rutaceae

Description: Sweet orange oil is extracted from the peel of the orange fruit, which grows from an evergreen tree in tropical and subtropical climates. The oil makes up approximately one percent of the volume of the rind. The oil can be cold press or steam distilled from the peel of the fruit. It takes approximately fifty oranges to yield an ounce of essential oil.

Largest Producing Countries: United States (California, Florida) Brazil, Italy, Australia and Israel

Color: orange

Scent: Sweet orange oil has an extremely distinct and strong citrusy smell with sweet, sugary undertones.

Properties: The distinct smell and taste of oranges comes from the colorless liquid hydrocarbon, d-limonene, which makes up 90-95 percent of the oil. Limonene is a common ingredient in many commercial household cleansers. Because sweet orange oil has such a strong and pleasant scent along with its high levels of limonene, it is often used as an eco-friendly substitute for cleaning solvents.

Limonene is lethal to fleas, fire ants and flies. Limonene immediately affects these insects by damaging their respiratory systems and suffocating them. It does this without harming people or dogs.

Ticks do not like citrus essential oils, including sweet orange oil. Using products on yourself and your dog that contain citrus essential oils, including Vintage Doggie Spa’s Shampoo, Vintage Doggie Spa’s Detangling Conditioner and Vintage Doggie Spa’s Refreshing Spritz can help repel ticks. As a bonus, both you and your dog will look and smell great – sweet orange oil is nicknamed the ‘smiley oil’ for its uplifting and cheerful scent.

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