Another controversy alert!! I have a colleague, Bret Glass, who is the king of helping people and their “fully armored” (i.e. fully clawed) cats co-exist. Bret is working on 100 suggestions to help kitties keep their claws. From banana peels to his wonderful invention, the CatAWhack unit, Bret has a plan to help all cats keep their claws. That said, here are some thoughts to consider:
Declawing is an amputation – the very last bone on each toe is surgically removed. This can be quite painful. However, laser declawing is less painful and has faster healing time. Many cats do great with this.

For some people, if their cat isn’t declawed, they will get rid of it! They don’t like their furniture destroyed and they won’t get scratching alternatives. For these cats, let’s save their lives and declaw. No question!

For some people, though, their cats are king — and they get to keep their claws. The happy cat has a place to scratch. It’s good exercise, it increases flexibility, it’s a good thing.

For more in-depth information about the de-clawing controversy, ask Bret – he’s the scratch alternative guru:

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