This is a question I get a lot.  Sometimes, people want a holistic treatment they can do themselves.  Other times, they just can’t get in to see me for a couple days, and want to give little Fido some relief.

First, make sure the ear is not bleeding. If it is, your little guy (or gal) needs professional help immediately.  (Sorry, there’s no way around this one!)  But, as long as it’s not bleeding, try this:

Mix warm water with 1 -2 drops of liquid dish soap (Dawn is my favorite.) in an 8oz squeeze bottle and massage into ears. Let your dog shake its head.

Then — in a NEW 8 oz bottle — create a mixture that is 1/4 apple cider vinegar and the rest water.  Again, squeeze a bunch in the ear canal, massage, and then let the head fling.

This will effectively clean the ears and change the ph so the environment is right.  This will slow bacterial and / or fungal overgrowth.

In some cases, fresh garlic squeezed into vitamin E liquid can also work as an antibiotic.

But, the more important question to ask is this:  Why did this ear infection happen in the first place?  Frequent ear infections are a sign of food allergies.  This may be the case, so begin immediately eliminating grains from your dog’s diet and try to get away from commercially prepared kibble.  (Find some GREAT recipes that help you save money on your veterinarian bills as well as your grocery bill at

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