Sounds like your pup has a flea allergy. All it takes is one bite to set off an itch attack. And just because you don’t see fleas jumping on you, doesn’t mean they aren’t having a meal of your dog. How does your veterinarian find fleas? By looking at the base of the tail under all the fur – you’ll see veterinarians pushing the hair backwards and looking for suspects. Fleas are even more suspicious when your dog is raw all around the tail and booty – this is a favorite flea hang out.

A few fun facts to give you the heebie-jeebies – one flea means 10 larva and 100 eggs hiding somewhere in your home, ready to hatch. It is getting colder – fleas know and they are ready to make the move indoors. Flea dirt – put it on a white paper towel, add water and watch it melt and turn red. What’s that mean? It’s actually your dog’s digested blood – eeewwww!!!!

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