Thanks for your question. This is a common concern as we’ve all been trained since the 50s that taurine has to be added to cat food. Taurine comes from meat. In the 50s, cat food did not contain enough meat to provide cats with enough taurine for healthy hearts. Once this was discovered, foods either added taurine or actually added meat to circumvent the need for added taurine. Look at a can of Fancy Feast – some of the flavors do not have taurine added, there is actually meat in there. Our recipes are based on meat; the USDA lists how much taurine is in each kind of cooked meat.

Taurine is one essential nutrient we were sure there was enough of in each recipe. Our goal with the recipes was to make food that was balanced without added vitamins and minerals, much as we eat ourselves. Calcium was the one ingredient that was not able to fit that goal. Otherwise, the nutrients are in the food. Vary the recipe, balance your nutrition, just as we humans do.

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