Most puppies loose their baby teeth by six months old. The last teeth we see change are the canines, the fangs. Just like two-legged kids, the adult tooth should push the baby tooth out. Sometimes the adult tooth isn’t lined up quite right and both teeth remain.

In some cases, the tooth is just loose enough your veterinarian can pull it in the office during a wellness exam. In other cases, the tooth may need a bit more work to get it out; these cases do best with anesthesia. It is common to pull these teeth when dogs get spayed/neutered.

Some dogs don’t get their baby teeth removed – either they were fixed young or the teeth were not noticed. These dogs are at risk of dental disease and having debris caked between the extra teeth. This leaves the dog at risk of early tooth loss.

Have your veterinarian take a peek next time you are in the office – taking care of extra teeth early will head off some future problems.

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