The answer depends on what has already been done.

Has your kitten been dewormed? If not, you might get that done with a dewormer that gets hook, whip, and round worms. Most dewormers at the pet store only deworm against roundworms.

Did you just change your kitten’s food? If so, add a little pumpkin. Remember, cats are carnivores and their food should be meat, meat, meat and meat. Maybe a little vitamins and minerals. Eggs are ok too.

Is the kitten also sick? There are some scary viruses that can make kitties sick from end to end – panleukopenia is one. Does the skin on the back of your cat’s neck go back down right after you lift it up or does the skin stay up? Normal is instant return to position. The least bit slow means dehydration – time to get fluids.

Hopefully these tips help your kitty get better ASAP.

What questions do you have?

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