You have one lucky kitty cat to have this as an option! But it really is a great question — do cats watch TV? Many of us have seen our dogs hear barking or a doorbell come from the TV and the dog get very excited and run over, But our cats are less inclined to react in this manner.

However, have you ever seen a cat sit on the window ledge and look outside? Watching the birds, or maybe mice? Or, have you ever seen a cat sitting next to a fish tank and watching the fish swim back-and-forth? Some cats really get great pleasure out of watching so-called “kitty-vision” – TV for cats. For that sort of cat, watching TV can be a great way to spend the day.

Our cats love to chase things, from a pom-pom on a string, to the cursor on the computer screen. Therefore, watching fish swim back and forth, be it in a fish tank or on a TV screen simulating the fish tank, can be great fun.

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