Hmm. Before I learned about the pros and cons of declawing, I had my cat declawed. My goal was that he would be — from that day forward — 100% indoors. One day, as my husband slammed the French door shut to keep Tyler buddy inside, Tyler shot through the door but 1” of his tail didn’t make it. Fortunately, it was just bruised but we were done fighting him. Tyler is now a happy indoor/outdoor cat. He climbs trees, hunts, brings home presents all the time (some are still alive ).

So, originally, I wouldn’t have thought so, but it works for Tyler Buddy. Had I done it all over, I’d have started him on a catawhack unit and wouldn’t have the concern. Now, if your feline friend has already had all four feet declawed, NO WAY! In that case, they really can’t go outside and that’s pretty darn harsh!

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