Good for you for hearing your girl loud and clear – cats have a way of saying “Hello!! Problem here!!” So, why is she getting bladder infections in the first place? You are exactly right that we have to figure this out. A few things can play a role. First, is your girl a bit round? If she’s too big to reach around to her bottom and clean it herself, then feces and urine will stay on her fur, and make their way back up inside to her bladder and cause an infection. Next, if she’s an older kitty, perhaps she has some arthritis and can’t get a really good hunch to fully empty her bladder. Then, the urine pools and bacteria overgrow. A third cause of recurrent bladder infections relates to diet. Cats who eat dry food do not get enough moisture and are predisposed to crystal formation and infections. Furthermore, most dry foods are made from corn and other grains – making the urine pH too alkaline (not enough acid). Acid kills bacteria. How to make acid urine? Meat. What kind of meat? Preferably real meat, but I’ll take canned food over dry.

Now that you know the top three ways that bladder infections occur, let’s briefly cover how to fix them. Eating meat will take care of not only roundness, but also dryness. Feeding a cat what she is designed to eat – fresh meat – will make her trim and strengthen her immune system. Now what about arthritis? Exercise, massage and even animal chiropractic (veterinary spinal manipulation therapy) can do wonders for a kitty with a stiff back. And, is she’s overweight and arthritic, losing weight will help her move around and make the arthritis less of an issue.

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