Anesthesia reactions happen. Even in the best circumstances – reactions can happen. Sometimes it’s due to ineffective kidney function, sometimes it’s due to the animal being overweight, or interaction with food additives, or other medications,  or vaccines given in the last month. Sometimes it’s just a crazy event out of our control.

My previous experience was to give these animals fluids until they got better. Then do a detoxification regimen. Because each anesthesia reaction is different, there are different detoxification plans from which to chose.

Some options include: diet, herbal formulas, homeopathic cleanses, and even ozone therapy.

Cats are a little harder to detoxify – homeopathic remedies and a meat diet often do wonders.

Dogs tend to be easier to detoxify only because most will eat different diets and will consume herbs that might make cats turn their noses up.

An integrative veterinarian can help you chose the best detoxification program for your pet.

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