Gunny here

Yes I’m a dog. As a dog I have to admit I have eaten some nasty, smelly crap. I really like to roll in it. It’s like human men with their beards – save that flavor for later!

Now that everybody’s been staying home for the last year, my mom has been home listening to conferences. I have nothing else to do so I listen also.

She was on a conference recently (since I can’t spell, I never quite got the name. Something to do with America and feed and officials.) and apparently the world is going to be a better place because we dogs are now allowed to eat maggots.

You heard me right. Maggots.

“They” are marketing this as sustainability. Like there are too many dogs and there’s not enough food to feed us so they’re going to feed us trash.

Don’t get me wrong – like the next dog, I’m concerned about the health of the planet and don’t want to cause any harm. But I’m sure my health is not aided if I eat trash.

Efforts to feed trash and waste products to us dogs have been couched in fancy words before. First, it was “vegetarian” diets. Now it’s “sustainable” ingredients.

I wouldn’t be so upset if the quality were there. But ultimately, this is trash. Maggots now.

Even if it weren’t garage, we dogs are not meant to skip meat in our diets. Humans make better vegetarians than dogs. If our humans want to save the planet and reduce their carbon footprint, I’m all about it, but I think we should leave the vegetarian diets for humans and the bugs for birds and bats.

Think about it: what do you think the maggots are eating? What do maggots eat? Yes, putrid flesh (garbage). Since we are what we eat, if the maggots are eating trash, then the maggots are essentially made of trash. Is there some magical property that happens in the internal organs of a major that garbage is magically transformed into nutritive substance? Somehow, I’m supposed to get my nutrition from the bugs that ate the trash? Ew!

Maggots and maggot oil – no thank you!

Oh. Sorry. They aren’t calling it maggots. Black soldier fly larva. Whatever. I am into calling a spade a spade. Maggots

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