Dry food is, obviously, dry. Over 90% of the moisture has been removed from the food to get it to make a cute, dry kibble that will survive long-term in a bag on the shelf at the grocery store. In order to digest dry food, cats have to add moisture back in to the food. Cats have a tendency not to drink enough. So, if we feed them dry food, they take moisture from their body to metabolize food. This makes a dry cat –dandruff, shedding, greasy skin. Meat has natural moisture – it will help our cats have better health.

We’ve also been told our pets need dry food to keep their teeth clean. I cannot tell you how many dental cleanings I’ve performed where the caked on tartar is actually the color of the dry dog or cat food. If we didn’t feed carbs at each meal, these carbohydrates wouldn’t build up on our pets’ teeth – they would need lots fewer dental cleanings.

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