You have no idea the difficulty of the question you are asking! 🙂 I have a heck of a time suggesting any dry kibble. Here’s the truth:  Dry food makes dry pets. 75-90% of the moisture is removed from the food to make it dry.
But, if you have to go dry, here are some things to consider:

  1. Please add chicken or beef or eggs as often as you can.
  2. Remember: Pet superstores carry mostly lower quality foods. So, read the ingredients.  No corn, no by-products, no “meat” or “animal” ingredients – it should say specifically what the meat is.
  3. It’s best to go to a boutique-type store, get food with meat (named) as the number one ingredient. No ethoxyquin. No natural flavor – it’s not natural, it only tastes that way.
  4. Finally,  look for brands that aren’t advertised on tv. Even better, find foods that are locally made – or made from companies that only make high end food – so the manufacturers don’t mix back the lower end food.

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