Long before I learned all this stuff about food, I learned crazy things about ears. The first thing that was world changing for me was the idea that I can use a cotton swab on my ear all day every day. But, for cats and dogs, cotton is abrasive. Second thing – how to clean ears only involves liquids, nothing solid, not even wash cloths. Third, and craziest thing, chronic ear infections are highly suggestive of food allergies.

So, before we go, let’s talk about how to clean ears.

Put a few drops of dish soap in 8oz of water, then in a squeeze bottle.

Squeeze a giant puddle of soapy water into the outer ear canal. Massage the base of the ear so it makes squishy, sloshie noises for 30 seconds. Do the other ear. Most important step: stand back and let them fling their heads. The soapy water and massage break up all the waxy debris, which our cats and dogs fling out with a head shake.

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