Gotta love a submissive urinator! My own Tia Dog did that for ages. The reason behind the urination is the submissive behavior – your dog totally respects you and submits all dominance to you. This behavior is common in packs – the puppy submits and urinates a little in front of the more dominant adults. If you make a big deal about the tinkle accident, it actually makes the problem worse.

So, suggestions:

  1. Ignore the potty accident (then clean it up, obviously, but don’t say anything to the dog about it).
  2. Have your dog wait to say “hi” to people until he is calmed down.
  3. Warn your friends that pee will flow so they don’t get their shoes soiled.
  4. Be patient – it took my Tia quite a while to overcome it – she had been spanked in her former home for the behavior, so she had to relearn she wouldn’t be punished for good behavior in my house. (Counter-intuitive, but submission is good behavior whereas aggression, obviously, is not.)

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