It’s pretty well known that the holidays are a time of stress for humans. Signs of stress may include weight gain, tiredness, or moodiness.

Interestingly, we humans aren’t the only ones to experience stress and weight gain over the holidays – so do our pets. It might be as simple as in our human stressful condition we are eating more as well as sharing more meals/snacks with our pets. Maybe there is more to it than that. Let’s look at how can we help each other through this time.

It is well known that having pets decreases human stress levels. What does it do for our pets? Certainly, a hug makes both species feel better. On the other hand, venting frustration at the pet doesn’t help either side.

So what relaxing things can we do instead?

How about a hug? Or a walk? If you live where it’s cold or you spend your holiday where it’s cold, a walk around the inside of the house and up and down the stairs a few times might just be the fun that everyone needs to relax.

Diffuse some essential oils? Cloves and cinnamon are great holiday scents. If it blends with your decor, lavender essential oil can be very calming as well.

When things get really tough? A time out and some chill music will help all species. There are pet specific music therapy websites, channels on YouTube, and apps on your smart phone to find the right music mix to calm your pet.

Of course, there are always those situations where a little more is needed. Perhaps massage or bodywork, or a calming herbal blend? Let us know if we can help. Wishing you and yours a calm, low stress holiday season

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