As the cartoon characters, the superheroes, and the villains leave our houses and enjoy trick or treat time it only takes a couple of precautions to keep the four-legged family safe. For many pets, it’s as easy as putting them in their own room at the back of the house. Some others may be overly excitable because of the sound of the doorbell. An easy fix is to serve treats outside – waiting for the children on your front porch. I’ve seen some families that just put the candy bowl out, but a lot of the fun of Halloween is getting to see the kids and their different costumes.

An option is to play soothing music, or diffuse lavender essential oil, in the room where the stressed-out dog or cat is waiting (don’t apply directly especially as you don’t know how they might react).

Sometimes it takes just the opposite: blast exciting music in the back of the house so the dogs don’t hear the noise in the front of the house. (Alice Cooper anyone?)

Whatever it takes, know that Halloween is the time of year more animals run away from home than any other time. All it takes is one door opening and a scared puppy or a kitty will take off. And things certainly don’t look normal outside on Halloween, making the scared escapee even more scared.

Be safe and happy Halloween!

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