Whoa! Gunny here. Woke up this morning with quite a tummy ache.

The noises my belly was making were enough to wake up my human family! They let me outside. I immediately started eating grass. Then brought me back inside.


I just couldn’t get a handle on that feeling. I must have spent an hour licking the air. And my front legs. And the rug. My belly was making me frantic!

I don’t know what brought it on. I don’t think I ate anything out of the ordinary yesterday. The usual health food my mom feeds me. No litter box tootsie rolls. There weren’t even any palm fruit in the yard to gorge on.

I guess the human family must have noticed my behavior. After all, I was licking the air and everything like crazy. My mom kept asking me what was wrong.

Finally, it was time for breakfast. She didn’t give me my usual meat meal. It was raw fermented goat milk for me today.

I have to say – it was almost instantaneous relief! The noises in my belly stopped. I didn’t feel nauseous any more.

I don’t know what it is about that stuff but sometimes it feels like magic!

Love that goat milk (apparently it has to be raw and fermented – my mom is a nut about that)!

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