Gunny here. Being a lab/shepherd mixed with a few other things I have to admit I like water. Not just to drink, but to swim in, dig in, play in and generally wear.

I’ve had my share of water events. There was the time I ate the homemade kids “play dough” off the counter then guzzled water for about two days. That stuff was salty! It was a guilty pleasure! I heard it was a good thing I had access to water, otherwise it might have done me in.

I like to dig in the water dish and splash it all around. On a hot day, its great to lay in the puddle afterwards. Sometimes humans criticize me for being muddy; it’s all the same to me.

I’ve noticed that some water makes me feel good and some not so good. I’ve also noticed that when a before home fed me the crunchy food with colors that I couldn’t help myself – I’d guzzle the water. It was just like that time with the play dough I mentioned. And the water would lay in my stomach like a rock. Ugh. Torment.

This is how I started to notice that there are different kinds of water. I didn’t really know why until I overheard my mom talking with some guy who came to the house and did something he called “testing the water.” To me, it looked like a little but of play time but I’m just a dog, what do I know?

I’ve drunk water out of the sink. Water out of the fridge. Bottled water. Pool water. Lake water. Puddle water. Don’t tell the humans, I have even drunk toilet water. It wasn’t very good but desperate times led to desperate measures.

The new water makes me feel the best. It’s something my mom and that guy called “re verse oz mo sis “ – I don’t know what that means except that it doesn’t lay in my stomach like tap water used to.

I’m living the good life. Fresh food. Fresh water. I heard them say no “contam in ants“. Whatever that is, something about ants; I think it means a dog’s life. Who knows, I might get riled up about something tomorrow – today, the water is good.

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