Ever since I learned about the health benefits of feeding real food to pets, I have heard my colleagues discuss the subsequent reduction in external parasites due to this good nutrition. Certainly, I’ve noticed amazing health benefits – decreased shedding, reduced allergies, improved overall health, often in spite of existing conditions such as liver disease, heart disease and kidney disease. There’s one subject that i’ve been a bit unsure of – the presence of fleas.

Part of the reason for my uncertainty is that in my own dogs, I have still seen fleas in the summertime (it’s hard to avoid when clients pets would bring them to my clinic/house). Furthermore, a few of my dogs are flea allergic; therefore, one or two fleas results in much scratching.

Recently, literally three weeks ago, I adopted a new dog, Calvin. We really have no history on Calvin as he was found running the streets of Kentucky. My entire family promptly welcomed Calvin into the household. The little man has been shedding and scratching since I brought him home. We have started a detoxification program and the shedding has reduced significantly. Interestingly, in the last few days, his scratching has escalated.

Upon inspection I discovered my new little man has fleas! Interestingly, none of the other animals in my house have fleas, even though they all use the same yard and sleeping space. The only difference is the other dogs and cats of the household have been on a high quality, balanced, real food diet for years; Calvin has only had three weeks of an exceptional diet. Because he is still shedding, he obviously still has inflammation in his body.

It is fascinating to experience firsthand the wonders of good diet – even the flea burden can be substantially decreased by simply providing meals of balanced, healthy people food.

Calvin will continue on his detoxification diet; he is currently enjoying a five-day fermented, raw milk fast. Once this phase of his detoxification is completed, we will use different herbal supplements to address his remaining intestinal inflammation. Soon, my little buddy will not shed all the time. I suspect the fleas will not find him as tasty either!

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