Here are some tips to make things more doable for you:

When you cook for your own family just make a larger batch and set aside extra for the pets’ meal. For example, make an extra large pot roast and put back half the meat for the dog or cat food.

Pick a day a week and make enough food for the week. Freeze the food for the second half of the week so it doesn’t get gross by day six.

Hard boil a dozen eggs on the weekend and if you’re pressed for time in the morning, give a couple of eggs for breakfast. We humans do not eat perfectly balanced foods at every meal, sometimes an egg is all we eat, that will be fine for a meal or two for our dogs and cats as well.

How to select high-quality dry pet food for those times when you can’t provide real food:

Shop other than at the grocery store.

Do not buy the food if it has colors. Dry pet food should be brown.

Read the ingredients. No corn, no byproducts, the meat meal should list specifically the species. Chicken meal. Not meet and bone meal as that does not tell you the species and it could be anything including our euthanized, rendered pets. No powdered cellulose. Meat should be number one. However, if the next three ingredients are all grain then they add up to more than the meat. Quality pet stores know what they have and a well-trained staff can lead you to healthy food.

That’s what to do if you are in a hurry. And when you have an extra moment, feed from the new edition of Dinner PAWsible – your dogs and cats will be your raving fans!

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