In the real world, most of us work long hours, many people work second jobs in order to make ends meet. The idea of having to cook for one more member of the family can be overwhelming, enough that pet owners can just throw up their hands and say “forget it I’ll take my chances.” In the new addition of Dinner PAWsible, we specifically address that issue. Personally, I use the crockpot pretty much 24 seven in order to feed my hungry crew without having to take a lot of extra time to get the food made.

Another option we discuss is to feed one meal a week. Simply one home cooked meal a week is going to do so much more for your pet then if they got none at all. There’s no reason why you can’t mix together ingredients of a weekend brunch meal into a balanced meal for dogs and cats. And this is with very little extra effort in using ingredients that you pretty much already have on hand.

Some weeks it may be so hectic that all you can do is throw a few pieces of leftover chicken or hamburger on top of the pet food.

Other great real world solutions discussed in the new addition of Dinner PAWsible include cooking in bulk, freezing ahead and making larger portions of your own meals and setting aside a small amount for your dogs and cats.

If the real world does not equal the ideal world in your house, that is just fine (it doesn’t in mine either). With many tips of how to make ends meet, the new edition of Dinner PAWsible will make your life easier.

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