VDSbathpicFun subject! Even my daughter likes to bathe the pooches. Most dogs love baths, most cats don’t – there are always exceptions. Do use lukewarm water, do use natural shampoo, do have plenty of towels and prepare for lots of water mess. So, a few pointers:

Use a natural shampoo, no oatmeal ingredients – try my Vintage Doggie Spa, citrus shampoo to cut the grease. Dilute a large blop of shampoo in a 16oz bottle of warm water.

Save the head for last

Soak all the way to the skin

Lather from shoulders to tail, under arms and legs, and under tail, then lightly lather head and ears – no water in the ears

Rinse, rinse, rinse from shoulders down to the tail. Lightly rinse, maybe with a washcloth the head. Double check, rinse again, make sure there are no more bubbles or sudsy sounds.

Last bath step – the most fun – stand back and let your bathing victim shake. There will be water everywhere, this is normal, and a good excuse to wash the floors.

Ears: mix 1 part apple cider vinegar to 3 parts water – fill the inside of the ear canal with this solution – massage so it makes sloshy, squishy noises. Massage for 30 seconds, do the other side. Again, stand back – more flinging will happen.

Use all those towels – rub vigorously all the way down to the skin, up and down legs, under the belly and tail.

Final fun: pictures of your pup rubbing all over the floor, couch, bed, carpet, anywhere a good rubdown can occur

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