Gunny here. I love fresh food. Sometimes I like to go to the garden and pick my own salad… you know, that stuff that grows green all over the backyard. I think you humans call it “grass.”

It’s been raining a lot lately. The grass is growing nice and fresh. Tastes just like salad. I love it! Also news: When you see me eating the green stuff, I’m not sick. Mostly, I just like to eat it!

I do admit, every now and then, when my tummy feels off, I will go out and look for that special blade of grass that will help me purge the cooties in my stomach. Sadly,  humans get all paranoid about it. I’ve seen some of my dog friends out at the park eating salad and their parents start freaking out like that they’re going to get sick simply because they are eating salad! Maybe their parents need some of the salad! It might help them calm down.

What is it about the taste that I like you ask? I don’t know. It’s fresh. It’s green. It’s cooling.  Like fresh watermelon. And I love when my people share fresh watermelon! That’s juicy! Boy that feels good on the way down.

Same thing with salad. I mean grass. Feels good.

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