Take five minutes of every day to spend one-on-one time with one person/dog/cat – one at a time. This is different than group play because this creates a one-on-one bonding experience. It doesn’t matter the species, five minutes of dedicated time is worth more than the best toy.

One meal a week: make it from scratch. Make it without preservatives, make it without the microwave. Make it real. It can be as simple as green beans and chicken. Skip the gluten, skip the sugar, skip the fillers. Everyone’s body will say thank you.

One day a week: go for a walk. It does not have to be long, it does not have to be vigorous. In fact, if you go for a long vigorous walk once a week everyone will be sore the next day and won’t want to do it again. Instead, a leisurely walk is great for fresh air, moving muscles, and improving digestion. For the family who’s used to vigorous daily exercise, try something new like frisbee, or swimming.

Easy daily and weekly resolutions like these are more likely to be repeated and are great for everyone’s health. No matter what species!

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