Dr. Cathy Alinovi began her veterinary education at the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and also holds a Master of Science in Epidemiology from Purdue, but quickly realized that conventional medicine met some, but not enough, of her patients’ needs. Dr. Cathy Alinovi is also certified in the following:

  • Veterinary Chiropractic
  • Veterinary Food Therapy
  • Veterinary Acupuncture
  • Chinese Herbal Therapy
  • Canine Fitness Training
  • Aromatherapy
  • Applied Kinesiology

About the Vet

Dr. Cathy Alinovi provides alternative healthcare for pets. Dr. Cathy is a pet lover, nationally celebrated author & certified in Canine Fitness Training.


Are you looking for a voice you can trust regarding your pet? Are you looking for natural solutions for your furry friends? If so, you are in the right place!


If your precious four-legged is dealing with pesky, recurring or troubling health challenges, check here.

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Pet Food Headlines Can Be Scary

Just a quick stroll through recent media headlines relating to pet food is a scary walk indeed:    ******* Says its pet food is safe as allegations about sick animals multiply on social media — NBC News, January 18, 2024;    ****** Recalled Pet Food May be Related...

When Should I Do Another Lab Test for my Pet?

At one point or another, every pet parents  will one day be faced with that question of “to test or not to test.” Their concern, if they were to be honest is:  Are we going to test ourselves into a financial hole? No one wants to take a risk with their pet’s health,...

What Should I Do For My Dog’s Scab

I think sometimes people get frustrated with me because I don’t answer their direct question about a scab they notice on their dog. That’s because I have answer the question that led to the question. =) Let me explain.  x So, with anything having to do with scabs, we...

Would You Eat Dog Food for a Living?

I recently saw an ad asking for humans willing to eat pet food as pet food tasters. While  I have no idea how serious the ad was, it made me think about how many pet parents would ever consider eating the pet food they feed their beloved four-leggeds. Most, of course,...

Is this health problem because of my dog food?

This post is to help people figure out when they need to change their food and when they need to to look for another culprit of the problem. What kind of problems are we talking about? Most commonly: itchiness, maybe even hot spots, ear infections, diarrhea or...

A Dog’s Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Yes. I have a lot to be grateful for. I’m a very lucky dog. But there are some things that yank my chain. An, you know me… I’m not going to let it go until I get it off my chest. My goal is not to rain on your Thanksgiving day parade. But there are some things worth...

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